Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 When Eric and I first started planning our trip to California we realized that there was a lot that we wanted to see and thought the best way to do this would be a road trip. I had never been on a road trip; I think the longest drive I’ve ever been on was from Maine to New Jersey, which doesn’t really count. So, I thought the road trip itself would be exciting!

We found a company located 10 minutes from the San Francisco airport called California Campers. California Campers is own and operated by a husband and wife team that is wonderful to deal with and run a great business. The Westfalia Camper that we rented was fully equipped with bedding for us to sleep comfortably in the van, everything we needed to make coffee and cook, and ran well without any issues.

I found the VW Van a lot of fun to drive with its oversized steering wheel! I was surprised at how many highways CA has and how much time we spent driving on the highway! The highway was my least favorite part of our trip. The fastest the Westfalia could go on the highway was 55 to 60 mph but other drivers recognize this and just go around. I think if I was to do another road tip in a VW Van that I would plan the trip to avoid any highway driving (if this is possible), mostly because there aren’t many scenic options to pull over and make photos.

All in all the VW RV is an amazing way to experience a new place and see as much of it as possible. 
There is a company called Happy Campers Hawaii that also rents VW Campers, I think this is next on my list!


  1. It’s good that you decided to rent an RV for your road trip to California. It’s really a must to be comfortable during long drives like that. Based from your pictures, it seems like you guys had a great experience in the RV too.

    Liza Pilon

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