Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I hope it's not too late to post photos from Christmas.
This year Eric and I went to visit my family in Maine to celebrate Christmas. It was the first time I had a white Christmas since (this trip here) and it was a holiday celebration to remember!!!

We arrived really late in the evening (delays due to weather) and this was what it looked like the first day we woke up!

It snowed the first day we where in Maine, which made it a white Christmas! Eric and I made a snowman and played outside like kids... then sat next to the fireplace to warm up.
My grandfather came up from NJ to spend the holiday with us, which made it extra special.

 My mom thought it would be nice if we all did a puzzle together. I became obsessed over it until it was complete and found that I really like doing puzzles (thanks mom).

 We ate so much amazing  food during the Christmas holiday! My mother is the best cook I know and my dad makes an amazing breakfast. 

Of course when one visits home they must look at old family photos, it's the best!
We also where able to see some wonderful friends that I grew-up with (my friend Cody put this floor down in her home herself and her mom made the big kitty toy.)

Then it happened... it snowed so much we where stuck in Maine!!! Our flight always leaves really really early in the morning so we normally spend the night in Portland (one of my favorite small cities) and ended up having a small winter vacation in Portland Maine.

There was such a big snowstorm in Portland that we ended up being in the local newspaper... you can see a video of us here in the snow.

We made the most of our snowy adventure and actually found ourselves having fun in the cold (who would have thought!) 

 The photo above is what it looked like out the window of the airplane the morning we flew out of Maine... we almost didn't make it home.
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

 This weekend on St Thomas is the 16th Annual Bordeaux Farmers Rastafari Agricultural and Cultural Food Fair; Jan. 19 and 20th from 10:00 am till 12:00 am. I have gone almost every year and can't believe how much it grows each year. This year Midnite  from St Croix will be performing on Sunday. It should be a lot of fun - hope to see you all out there showing support for the St Thomas farmers!

PS A few photos from last year here.

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