Friday, August 30, 2013

Recently I had some friends visiting and they wanted to explore Water Island. We took the Water Island Ferry from Crown Bay and called Joe to rent a golf cart. Joe met us at the ferry dock with a golf cart and gave us this little map so we could explore the island.

It was so much fun to drive around on a golf cart; we all took turns driving, explored the entire island, and getting lost was even fun!
Midday we got a little hungry so we stopped at Honeymoon Beach for some food and a swim.... then we explored a little more.... then we went back to Honeymoon Beach for one more swim before we took the ferry back to St Thomas. It was an awesome day!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What do you think of the new look on my blog? Noor at Blog Me Pretty has these wonderful templates (yes it's a template) that are so easy to freshen up your look. Check out  the other great layouts here.
Thank you Blog Me Pretty for making me look so good!!!!
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I am overwhelmed with how much more fun St Thomas is about to be with our new sailboat Wasabi!  Eric and I are now the proud owners of this sweet catamaran. We are starting a new business offering day charters from St Thomas for groups up to 6 people starting in October.

Who's ready to go sailing?!!!! 

I'm so excited to share that on July 17, 2013 Eric asked me to be his wife!!!!
Do you remember how you got engaged? Well, my engagement story is:
I was just getting home from photographing a wedding and while I was watering the plants on the porch and he was cooking pork chops on the grill he surprised me with the most beautiful natural sapphire ring I have ever seen. As you can imagine we are so excited to get married and since I photograph weddings I need for my wedding to be a little different to feel special (more on this later).
We haven't picked a day for our wedding but we have decided to get married on Dominica (our favorite Caribbean island.) 

Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm missing my little blog this year.
For some reason 2013 has been extremely busy for me and Sage Island hasn't had many updates. I have had an amazing year photographing destination beach weddings (lots of new photos on CROWN IMAGES blog), this might even be my best year yet. I also started offering more photography services this year (vacation photography on St Thomas) and that has been really successful. It seems that there are a lot of people that want photographs made while they are vacationing here on St Thomas (which is just awesome) take a look HERE. 
If that all just isn't enough Eric and I are in the works of starting a new business this fall (more on this later.)
There are a lot of really wonderful things going on in 2013 that I hope to find the time to share a few of them soon......
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