Monday, September 2, 2013

Since I'm recently engaged and thinking about my wedding, I've started to look for a little white dress to wear when I get married. It's a little strange that I never thought about what kind of wedding dress that I would wear to my own wedding, I guess I've always thought about the being married part and not the day. Since I'm a destination wedding photographer I've seen everything from a white bikini to the traditional American princess wedding dress and I love them all.
Since my wedding is going to be very untraditional I plan to have a very simple dress that just makes me feel good. I was even thinking about this emerald green dress until Eric seemed upset that it wasn't white. So, I guess I'm going to keep with  the white dress tradition. How did you pick your wedding dress?

PS First dress from bebe, second dress from BHLDN, and the last 2 are from Free People (yes, I'm a bit of a hippy girl at heart). I also really like J.Crew's wedding stuff.


  1. Check out Sue Wong. She has some really fun stuff!

  2. Kerry, I love her stuff! Thank you!


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