Monday, October 28, 2013

Recently I married the man of my dreams!!!

Eric and I ran away to Dominica to elope and celebrate our honeymoon. It might seem strange or maybe it's totally normal that after attending a thousand weddings I wanted something special and simple for my own wedding.
What we ended up doing was picking one of our favorite waterfalls, Middleham Falls, to exchange our wedding vows, rings, and have our first kiss. We had a small hike to get to the waterfall and went early so that we would have the spot to ourselves. Later we made more wedding photos around Dominica to show off the beauty of the island.

We made our own wedding photos and video by setting up a camera and a GoPro on a tripod.

PS Crown Images Website


  1. A lovely spot for a beautiful beginning and wedding. Best wishes!

  2. You two are so beautiful !! Love you and I wish you the best !

  3. Thank you so much Jadyn, Linda, and Paule!!!!!

  4. Sage..these pictures are stunning...hard not to be with such fabulous subjects....Congrats and Best of Luck for a wonderful future....Cpt. Fred and Renee

  5. Thank you so much for your blessing Cpt Fred and Renee!!!! I hope you are both well and loving your new life :)


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