Saturday, December 4, 2010
Going to hang a few Christmas lights today in the yard and I'm debating on either the Palm Tree or the Flamboyant Tree, which just seems funny. Growing up in Maine, really makes celebrating Christmas in the Caribbean feel...well, different. I'm not saying that I miss the Christmas tree, believe it or not I could buy one here, and I definitely don't miss the snow, what I miss most is my family and everyone gathering around in the kitchen. Of course I miss all the yummy Christmas cookies that my mom bakes.

While reminiscing about pass Christmases I came across these photographs I made during a Holiday trip that I spent in Norway a few years back. Although I wasn't with my family, it was one of the warmest, and most loving memories that I have of the Christmas Holiday. I mean santa even showed up to give us all presents, it was truly magical.

 This how it looked when I first arrived in Oslo and was on the train headed north to Rykkin. 

 We all went to church on Christmas and I couldn't understand a word of Norwegian, the singing was still beautiful.

 The Vigeland Sculpture Park is in Oslo, it has 212 bronze and granite sculptures that cover over 80 acres. The sculptures where created by Gustav Vigeland and is a must see!

 Santa is digging for my present, yay!!

 This was the amazing, REALLY AMAZING, little community that I stayed in in Rykkin, Norway.
Thank you to the Gustavsen family for having me and making these memories possible.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, Sage! I haven't been to Norway -- what a special experience of Christmas. You are a great photographer.


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