Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Don't you just love random acts of kindness? A friend wasn't able to pick up her box of produce from St Croix's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and asked if I would like it. I've been loving it!!! I'm still working on figuring out what some of the greens are and how to eat them.

The CSA also has a local coffee share from Puerto Rico - more information HERE.

Thank you Cici!

PS Here are some things that I've been picking in the backyard of our place on St Thomas.


  1. You are so welcome! Makes me happy.
    FYI, first photo are beans, snap off the ends cut in 2-ish inch sections and stir fry with a little oil and soy sauce. Tastes like pizza, don't know why, but pretty good.
    Third and fifth photos, pretty sure are salad type greens. BUT the fourth photo, must be boiled 10 minutes before eating (some people put in smoothies after boiling too). The bag should have said to boil first.
    I love that you got the bananas on the stalk, so fun. Cut them off and they will ripen a little faster. If all are ripe at once, peel cut and freeze, then blend with a little milk (soy, coconut, etc) for great ice cream, no sugar needed.
    Enjoy, this made my week!

  2. Thanks Cici, this is so helpful! I've been meaning to post these photos for sometime... the bananas are all yellow now (that's how long) and are so yummy that I hope to have a few left for smoothies ;)

    Can't wait to try the pizza veggies now that I know what to do with them, LOL!!

    Thanks again!!!

  3. The Chaya (greens that need to be boiled for 10 min) make the BEST spanikopita! Just sub them in for spinach in the recipe.

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