Thursday, August 26, 2010
Explorations of Francis Bay

Recently I relocated to St. John, and I'm loving living on this amazing little island. I'm renting a small and very unusual house; unusual in that it is made of wood (most homes here are made of cement), it also has a huge yard, and the best part is, the location. I'm living in the National Park and can walk to one of the prettiest beaches on St. John.
The other day while I was exploring my neighborhood I came across some old ruins, there are many out here. The ruins are of an old residence on the Francis Bay Walking Trail and I just had to stop and photograph.
View of Francis Bay walking trail and the ruins.
Tile covered gallery floor.
Gallery above the kitchen.
Kitchen contained five ovens.
View from the trail, of the kitchen entrance and the stairs that go to the upper gallery.

The Love Vine is taking over.

Some parts of the ruins are still in great shape.
The coral in the structure is really beautiful.
Here you can see that there are stones from the beach added to the cement.

This is the first view of the ruins from the trail.
Love Vine.

For more information please visit See St. John's website.

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  1. Hi Sage! Thanks for the walk down memory lane - went by there most every day with the dogs, never went inside. You're photos are always an inspiration and delight.
    and thanks for the apt. rental referrals!


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