Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Let me bring you all up to date:

Eric and I celebrated our first Christmas together and had an amazing time at our home, Sweet Bottom, on St. John. Christmas eve Eric, Rick and I sat around our little Christmas tree and exchanged gifts, drank wine, and ate yummy food. It was perfect and lovely.

For Christmas dinner we had a bunch of friends over for a potluck, followed by a bonfire in the yard with hula hooping. Everyone had a really good time.

Not long after Christmas I got very sick, I went into the hospital on St. Thomas and had my appendix removed. Everything went smooth and I was out of the hospital after 24 hours, able to return to my home. My very good friends that come down every year from Chicago arrived the same day.

New Years:
Well, I was really out of it, on a lot of painkillers so I don't remember it so well, nor did I make any photographs. I brought the New Year in at home with good friends sitting around the table talking and laughing. It is going to be a good Year!!!

I have spent the last two weeks not doing much; taking it easy, being pampered and taken care of by my sweet love. But now I'm ready to get back into things. My good friends are still here visiting and I will be sure to report in on our good times over the next week of playing on St. John.

Hope everyone has had a great holiday season. I'm still working on my New Years Resolutions, gave myself all of  January to make my list. Did you make a New Years Resolution or two??


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