Thursday, January 13, 2011
Today my friend Sarah and I visited the only commercial organic farm  on St. John called Coral Bay Organic Farm. If you have ever been on island I'm sure you have heard of Josephine's Greens. They are the only lettuce greens in the market that look amazingly fresh and are featured on most restaurant menus. 

The Coral Bay Organic Farm has 98 different species of plants and over 30 different types of greens growing on 18 acres of land in a small valley on the East Side of St. John. We where able to walk around the farm to see how Josephine grows her garden and make a few photographs. They are open everyday except Monday from 11 am to 4 pm. I highly recommend stopping by to pick up some of her delicious organic greens for a salad and taking a tour of how a garden is grown in the US Virgin Islands.

Coral Bay Organic Farm is located on the same road as the Love City Market. If you see the sign that reads "Tourist info: You Are Lost" - this means you're almost at Josephine's.

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All Photos by Sage C. Parker


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