Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I always wish that my cats could travel with me, for selfish reasons, I don't think they would like it. I've tried to take them with me in my car before to check the mail in town to see if they would even like a little bit of adventure, that was a big NO! Ming and Mambo are happy to stay at home.


  1. I'm sure they'll be thrilled when you return :)

  2. sometimes they miss me so much they will fall at my feet and roll around and other times they're mad and will act as though i was never gone. they can only ignore me for a couple hours though:) my neighbor just updated me this morning that ming is outside calling me:)

  3. What Maddy said! Hahah I wish I had a cat and a dog. :) I love how independent cats are though dogs are more loving imo :) and I didn't know you were away so have a good trip!

  4. Mambo was outside earlier, but wouldn't let me pet her. I got to sweet talk her some until...Morris came up. He didn't like it one bit that I was talking to another cat. vicki

  5. hi vicki, that sounds like mambo, it normally takes her about a week to get use to someone and then she only wants attention on her terms. such a cat, lol!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog :) I love Joni Mitchell too, and was so glad to listen to her music the other week. Hope you enjoyed it!

    And your cat is so cute! We don't have any pets at home, but I love the idea of coming home to them.


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