Monday, August 1, 2011

Truth be told, I hate to exercise, it just feels like such a chore. I wasn’t born with an amazing metabolism and have to do something to not be a big fatty. I happen to love to walk and can walk for hours, so I try to walk fast and call it exercising. The last few weeks I can’t seem to get enough of walking and have started to look forward to my walks along Leinster Bay. I think I’m turning into an old lady, but I don’t care. How do you get motivated to work out?

The other day I saw a sea turtle along my walk, amazing! Check out these photos of my favorite sea turtle on St John HERE.


  1. I do exercise, and it is a pain in the butt. LOL. Walking is exercise so keep doing it! :) motivation is hard to come by, but maybe try working out with a friend at first to feel obligated to do it.

  2. a motivated healthy friend is a great idea Cindy!


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