Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Make sure to pick up your own drinking water, the water they provide tastes terrible. 

These are the extremely steep spiral stairs that we had to climb to our room.

 View from the wine deck.

We stayed at The Gallery Inn located at the top of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico over the weekend. This has to be one of the most unusual accommodations that I’ve ever stepped foot in – The Gallery Inn has 22 guest rooms within 6 interconnecting townhouses with many additional sitting rooms, gardens, and patios. Each room is stuffed full of Jan D’Esopo’s artwork. I had a lot of fun walking around the property photographing; this was the best part of my stay at The Gallery Inn. I would recommend just visiting the inn, it is open to the public. I wouldn't recommend the accommodations that the inn has to offer for your visit to Old San Juan. I thought the rooms were: overpriced, dingy, full of dust, insulted that there is a “corking fee” of $15 to bring your own bottle of wine to the wine deck, misled by the advertisement for live concerts in the music room that do not exist after September, and annoyed at the constant barking of dogs in the neighborhood and the ongoing squawking of the parrots that bite. The next time I visit Old San Juan I might stay at El Convento instead. 


  1. Carol JohnsonDecember 20, 2011

    We look forward to your posts and live vicariously thru you and island life!

  2. oh, thanks Carol!!! island life is always an adventure:)

  3. Hi Sage,
    I stayed in Old San Juan at a place called Cervantes that was interesting too! Beautiful bathroom and robe, metro style furnishings with a very comfortable bed, but night noise was a problem there too. They were somewhat more hospitable, I'm guessing.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look Cervantes up ;)

  5. oh crap. we have reservations to stay there in a couple of months. i guess i better start looking elsewhere.

  6. oh no tracey, remember this was just my experience yours could be different. a friend recommended el convento - while i was walking around town i did used their restroom in the lobby and liked the location ;) all the best!

  7. Thanks for the advice. This trip is a gift to my wife and she is selective about hotels so I think we will switch over to el convent even though it is nearly double the cost.


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