Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Eric and I went on a little vacation to New Jersey to see the family, it was his first time meeting my grandfather (Pop) and a few other members of the family. I hadn't been to NJ in over four years, so it was much needed. We had a blast! 

My Pop and Uncle Georgie run a honey business out of the family home called Jean's Honey Inc., so it always smells like honey and there are lots of bees around. I wish I had gotten more photos of everyone gathered like the photo above of my mom, pop, and I (this photo puts a big smile on my face.)

My mother is an amazing cook, she cooked every dinner, we ate so much wonderful food! My grandmother's side of the family is Italian, so of course we had to visit the Italian bakery, yummy!!

We went to a bunch of little sweet towns for a walk and lunch, as well as a vineyard, and the family cemetary.

 There just happen to be a 4H Fair in the town that we all went to the last evening. We went on the ferris-wheel, ate cotton candy, patted some lama's, and had a good time. Really it all went to fast and I miss everyone all ready!!!


  1. oh the photos are posted in a wonderful order and I love them all, you captured our gathering so wonderfully my sweet daughter sage.

  2. thanks mom!
    i have a few more that are really great too and will have to send them to you ;)


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