Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is the view across the street from the Malecon House.

While we where visiting Vieques we stayed at the Malecón House in Esperanza. I cannot say enough good things about our stay at the Malecón House; we will defiantly be staying there when we return to Vieques.

The Malecón House is a 10 bedroom inn, own and operated by Robin and Marsha Shepherd, they where extremely helpful with our stay and happy to provide recommendations of the best the island has to offer. They served fresh baked muffins/scones, fresh fruit, and coffee every morning to get us started for our day. The rooms where immaculately clean, included fresh beach towels everyday, comfortable, quiet, with a fabulous hot shower, and lovely air-conditioning. The grounds of the inn where perfect, beautifully landscaped, provided parking for our jeep rental, and the best part was the pool. Originally we didn’t think we would use the pool because we planned on going to the beach, but we found ourselves relaxing poolside everyday. The Malecón House is located right in town making it easy to walk around Esperanza as well as to the beach. I even purchased a couple organic cotton dresses from the boutique that are amazing.

We give the Malecón House 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone visiting Vieques. See what others are saying on TripAdvisor.

How to get to Vieques, HERE.


  1. Your photographs are gorgeous! We are heading to the Malecon House in a couple of months and I just had a question - did you stay in the Tropico room? Right now we are booked in the Lindo for two nights and the W for one night. I am thinking of switching to the Tropico for 3 nights (the Lindo isn't available for that last night although we like the furnishings better) and foregoing the pool at the W. Thoughts?

  2. thanks tracey!
    i've been wanting to go back to the malecon house since i left, have a blast and please say 'hi' to marsha for me! we rented the fiesta and switched to the tropico. they where both nice rooms - tropico is larger and has a deck (we found ourselves at the little pool more then the deck) the w has a really nice property (just walked around and didn't see the rooms) but it is separate and you will have to drive to things form it - a pose to the malecon where you can walk to many different restaurants, bars, and beaches...i'm a big fan of their location!
    again enjoy that little island and make sure to rent a car for at least one day so you can explore and experience their little roads :)


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