Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The biggest sea turtle I’ve ever seen lives in Francis Bay.
Did you know that a sea turtle could live to be over 100 years old? There are even turtles in the Galapagos Islands that have lived for more then 200 years.

The turtle on St John in Francis Bay is so big that it has a couple of remoras living on him.

For all of you traveling with kids, or the kids at heart, here is a link that will help you look like a turtle know=-it-all 

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  1. Francis Bay is a great place to see turtles...not sure I saw the big guy that you are referring to but I saw some beautiful, peaceful turtles in these waters when I lived and worked at Maho. My novel, "Mingo's Cave"is about St. John and saving a pristine environment. Check it out at and your pics..
    all the best,
    Chuck Ball


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