Monday, September 12, 2011
We have a trip planned for Dominica and are going to rent a small apartment from a friend in Trafalgar. We're planning on doing a lot hiking, exploring, photographing, and taking in all the Dominica has to offer. The last couple nights of our trip we thought it would be luxurious to check into a hotel or a bed and breakfast to just relax, sit next to a swimming pool, get a massage from all the hiking, and eat good food someone else has cooked. 

Here are a few of the places on Dominica that look like amazing possibilities for resting and relaxing:

This place offers eco-luxury cottages and has a yoga retreat that looks out of this world amazing. They also happen to be closed durning the time of September that we will be on island, so we won't be staying here this time.

This is the most 'American' looking place that we're considering for reasons like a hot-tub, room service, and not needed to leave the property if we don't feel like it. 

This resort is the most luxurious place we're considering on Dominica, everything about it is breathtakingly beautiful. 

Has the option to rent the entire villa or just a room, has a pool, and lot's of peaceful privacy. This is the option that I'm leaning the most towards at the moment.

Is a small secluded hideaway that has a reputation for amazing food and exceptional snorkeling steps away from the inn. This is yet another great possibility for accommodations on Dominica.


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