Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dominica is almost 300 square miles of lush green vegetation and steep mountains. It can take over 2 hours to drive from one side to the other. When selecting a place to stay location is a major factor in this respect. Dominica’s main natural attractions are mostly on the southeastern side of the island luckily there plenty of options for accommodations.

Trafalgar Village was the perfect location for our vacation; within walking distance to the best hot-spring spas, Trafalgar waterfalls, Papillote’s Garden, and we where welcomed by a friendly community of Dominicans. We rented an apartment (The Trafalgar Cottage) from a friend and instantly felt like a ‘local.’ The first thing I did, was pick a grapefruit from the tree in the yard for breakfast, yummy! The first day our neighbors stopped by to say hello and brought us an armful of fruits from their yard, a local lady baked us fresh bread, and we even had fresh coconut water delivered (we felt spoiled.)

The Trafalgar Cottage was a comfortable apartment that right away makes you feel at home. Simple but comfortable furniture and a full size equipped kitchen and refrigerator provide all the creature comforts of home. I highly recommend renting The Trafalgar Cottage for your next Dominican adventure.

PS You can find more information The Trafalgar Cottage HERE.


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