Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To pluck or not to pluck you eyebrows?
For the longest time I didn't even think I had eyebrows until my mother pointed out the fact that my eyebrows needed to be groomed (the photo above shows them un-groomed.) My mom brought me to a lady that waxed my brows and made them cute and little, so I attempted to keep them up later by plucking. My mom's mom has drawn her eyebrows in since I've known her.... I keep meaning to ask her if she was once a plucker.
What do you do with your eyebrows?


  1. It's so funny you brought this up! My mother just told me for the umpteenth time yesterday that I should go and have my eyebrows professionally shaped and waxed. Honestly, I don't think they need it -- I do pluck to get rid of stray hairs here and there, but I think they're fine after that. Maybe to make her happy I'll go for some sort of consultation. I wonder if anyone does computer models of such things.

  2. you look either way esp in blue,


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