Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Truth be told I've got a salt problem and anyone that lives on the NorthSide of St Thomas knows what I'm talking about. The humidity level is so high where I live that no matter how much rice you add to any saltshaker you will still not be able to shake salt with ease. That's why I'm so excited that I found this little handmade saltshaker that works!

I found this saltshaker at a shop downtown called  Gallery St Thomas, it's made by Kazooti Clay USVI, they call it The Salt Vault. The reason that it works is because it's made out of clay and it's not glazed on the inside; since the clay is porous it naturally absorbs the extra moisture in the salt and allows it to shake with ease. So simple, yet brilliant!

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  1. No ways! This heat calls for this.

  2. And looks really cute too!

  3. oh ana, i bet you could really use one in brazil!!!

    trishie it's the cutest think in my kitchen and feels like a little toy every time i get to use it.


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