Friday, February 17, 2012

 My parents came to visit last week and the one thing that I really, really wanted to do with them was spend a day sailing to St John. I just couldn't imagine coming to visit the Virgin Islands and not experiencing what it's like to be on a boat out on the crystal clear water. The one challenge I faced was my mother gets extremely seasick and my dad had no interest in ever being on a boat with my mom again since he'd experienced this first hand, hhhmmmmmm.... after a little research I came across a boat called 'Scubadu,' which is a 40 foot catamaran that specializes in private daysails out of St Thomas. What makes this boat unique is that it's a catamaran that only does private daysails, this means that you will not have to share the boat with another group and you will have the entire boat for the day to yourself to go wherever you would like. This also means that if you have a family member like my mom that gets seasick the captain can customize the day to make them comfortable.
We all had an amazing time spending the day sailing on Scubadu, my mom even jokes that she might one day live on a boat!

Thank you Joe and Sharme' for a wonderful sail!!!

Visit Scubadu's site at


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