Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It was 30 something years ago today that the man of my dreams was born! We're going to spend the day doing whatever the birthday boy feels like, enjoy a fancy dinner out, and eat some yummy chocolate cake that I baked at home (I'll update you all later on the chocolate cake recipe that I went with and if it's a keeper.) I can still remember the first birthday that we celebrated together; we rented a tent at Cinnamon Beach on St John and fell asleep on the beach! Is there something special that you like to do for your birthday celebration?

Happy Birthday Eric!!! 


  1. Love your blog! Where was this picture taken of Eric for his birthday behind the waterfall? Thanks!

  2. thanks venessa ;)
    this photo was made on Dominica at the Emerald Pool, on my favorite island in the Caribbean.


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