Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm not much of a snorkeler for a number of silly personal reasons but I do love anything to do with the ocean and I'm beyond curiouse about what is swimming around below the surface.  I think this is why I love Coral World so much, it's the next best way to see the magic of the Caribbean marine life (and more) on St Thomas.....

Coral World has been voted as one of the top attractions in the Virgin Islands and is really an amazing spot to spend the afternoon getting familiar and comfortable with the tropical wildlife in the Caribbean. They have an undersea observatory, a shark tank, sea lions, a sea trek helmet dive, sea turtles, a tank where you can hand feed a stingray, and more. The only thing that I really felt comfortable patting at Coral World was a starfish and a stingray. I wanted so badly to snuggle with the adorable rainbow lorikeet birds that let me get within inches to them, but was advised they'd just bite me, so didn't touch them. There was also an impromptu sea lion show where the trainer was trying to get a sweet, yet very shy sea lion to be comfortable on it's own out on the stage.
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