Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I can't think of anything worse then waking up early on a Monday morning for work and realizing you're out of coffee, this was me yesterday. I was standing on the beach in the photo above wondering how other people get through a day without a cup of coffee? Do you drink coffee? What's your get up and go motivation in the morning? I'm a coffee drinker and anyone that knows me knows there's no point in trying to have a conversation until I've finished a cup. I'm grateful it's Tuesday today :)


  1. I am a coffee fiend. An absolute addict. Your timing on this post is so funny, actually, because I was JUST debating whether to skip my daily cup today (sometimes I'm convinced it wreaks havoc on my skin). But nope! Pouring a mug now! :)

  2. i've tried to stop drinking coffee in the past by having tea instead.... it never works. i just make sure to drink more water to make up for all the coffee i love :)


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