Thursday, November 8, 2012

 The last couple of months have been a little overwhelming and consuming- let me bring you up-to-date:  right before we went on our vacation to CA we lost our cat Ming to FIV (this was heartbreaking), the apartment we had lined-up fell through, and in a mad scramble we found another rental. We're still living on the North Side of St Thomas and our new spacious 3 bedroom apartment  has an amazing porch, a yard surrounded in fruit trees, and the landlord is a wonderful couple that have made us feel very welcomed (did you notice the handmade broom above? They made that for us!)
Oh, we also adopted a kitten from the St Thomas Human Society, we're calling her Cleo and are completely in love.
With everything unpacked I should have more time to share here on this blog and if you're in the neighborhood please stop by to say hello!!!

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