Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eric and I have started the hunt for a new apartment to move into this November on St Thomas when our current lease is up. There are so many apartments listed right now on Craig's List and Seaglass Properties; I'm feeling pretty good about finding the perfect place to live. I would love to have an apartment with large windows, an open layout, and an extra room for my office/guest. Eric would like to find a place with a pool (giggle) in a safe neighborhood where the cat's can run around. So, we're putting the word out there and if anybody knows of a 2 bedroom apartment coming up for rent please let us know. We found our apartment on St John by word of mouth. How did you find your apartment?

PS The apartment we're now living in here.

{please click on photo for source - each photo is from a different apartment rental}


  1. What a beautiful place and that view...oh la la. Since I work from home, I love open plan spaces with huge windows and tons of naural light. Good luck and I bet you'll find somehting amazing. Kisses, sweetie

  2. Thanks Diana!

    I should have mentioned that all the photos above are from different apartment rentals (I sort of made my ideal place by picking my favorite parts of each.)

  3. Really very beautiful places thanks a lot for sharing it.

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