Monday, April 23, 2012

"Go West, young man and grow up with the country."
John B Soule

It's officially booked!!! I am always asked where I go for vacation since I live in paradise already, and it looks like its San Francisco with a VW Camper Bus adventure through wine country and wherever the road takes me. I've never been on a real road trip or to the west coast and I'm so excited about this trip. Please let me know if you've done anything like this and have good advice for me.


  1. Sounds IDEAL!! Camping in The Redwood Forest is one of my dream vacations! The only advice I have is take lots of pictures and soak in every most of all HAVE FUN!!

  2. That is great advice Lori ;) thanks. I can't wait to see the redwood forest too!!! you know i will have lot's of photos from this trip to share ;)

  3. Lovely! Ever since that one-day road trip on highway one I wanted to go camping there. Can't wait to see your photos from it!

  4. Thanks Anna ;) I found your photos really inspiring of SF, I can't wait to be there and make lots of photos!!!

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  6. Will you be renting a van?

    I have done the Rt.1 drive in the past and ended up having to rent a silly boring rental car from the airport. Haha.

    I recommend staying here- I know that you will probably stay in the VW but the cabins here are super nice and the people that work there are very friendly.

    - The Hearst Castle is really fun.
    - Carmel is gorgeous.
    - Stop often, the drive is stunning.

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