Sunday, March 13, 2011
My Ming.

Mambo, also known as MEE MEEE.

Mambo and Ming as kittens (notice the baby gate, they where once house cats.)

Three years ago this month I adopted two lovely kittens, brother and sister, Ming and Mambo, from the Humane Society (HS) on St Thomas. I still remember the day I went to the HS and first set eyes on them; they where in a separate cage from all the other cats because they had just been found in the jungle and where extremely feral. Of course I think they’re the best cats in the whole wide world; they have brought so me so much love and joy.

Did you know that you could adopt your own ‘island pet’ and take it home with you on the airplane? Well, it’s true, you can! Please visit the HS website at there are a lot of pets on St Thomas that are in need of a loving home.


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