Friday, August 31, 2012

Eric and I are just getting back from our vacation where we visited family in New Jersey and friends in New York City (wow do we know some amazing people!) It's always surreal coming back to St Thomas from vacation but I have to say that I like my 'vacation lifestyle!' What are your plans for this long labor day weekend? I can't wait to jump in the ocean and get a couple of projects started from all the inspiration I've gathered during my vacation. Next week I will have lot's of fun photographs to share, so get excited!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

 I'm just loving Gina Feddersen's Isola Bella Collection that is created from her inspiration of the beauty and nature of the US Virgin Islands. Don't you just love her work? I'm so impressed that she is able to create in so many different mediums effortlessly. Check out all the amazing gifts and home goods that are on Isola Bella site HERE and Gina's paintings and ceramic art HERE. Hope you find her work as inspiring as I do!

{© copyright 2012 all photos via Isola Bella and Gina Feddersen.}
Tuesday, August 21, 2012
How great is this website that has an up-todate map of all the galleries in Chelsea? It doesn't look like there are a lot of shows happening while we're visiting NYC but this Chelsea Gallery Map will be so helpful. I'm really excited to be in the city and look at art!!!

 The Museum on Modern Art has a show open until April 29, 2013 called 'The Shaping of New Visions: Photography, Film, Photobook' that looks promising.

The Whitney has a show called 'Yayoi Kusama's Fireflies on the Water' that is open until October 28, 2012. I actually saw this installation once at the Whitney with a group show so it will be amazing to see it again: last time you walked out on a small platform so that you where in the middle of a mirrored room and the floor was all water, it looked a lot like the photo above.

I once lived near the Metropolitan Museum of Art and never once made it to their roof garden. Currently they have a show on the roof garden called 'Cloud City,' by Tomas Saraceno that is an interactive site-specific installation.

Have you seen a gallery show recently that you loved and would recommend taking the time to visit?
Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eric and I have started the hunt for a new apartment to move into this November on St Thomas when our current lease is up. There are so many apartments listed right now on Craig's List and Seaglass Properties; I'm feeling pretty good about finding the perfect place to live. I would love to have an apartment with large windows, an open layout, and an extra room for my office/guest. Eric would like to find a place with a pool (giggle) in a safe neighborhood where the cat's can run around. So, we're putting the word out there and if anybody knows of a 2 bedroom apartment coming up for rent please let us know. We found our apartment on St John by word of mouth. How did you find your apartment?

PS The apartment we're now living in here.

{please click on photo for source - each photo is from a different apartment rental}

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This year we have a trip planned to visit NYC for a few days in August and I'm beside myself excited to be in the city and show Eric around (it's been over 3 years since I was there.) Since I use to live in the city I've never done much research on accomodations in Manhattan until now - wow are there a lot of options on place to stay!!! I started by looking at my favorite New Yorker blogger (A Cup of Jo) that has a great post with 'five great hotels' in her NYC Guide. I also checked out,,,, and asked friends..... and started to just feel completely overwhelmed with all the options out there. Do you have a favorite place to stay in NYC that you would recommend?

{please click on photos for the source link}

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