Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last weeks cooking lesson with my friend was amazing! Jane is a master baker for sure and she taught me some wonderful baking basics like how to measure flour (this might explain my failure with Popovers.) We baked a lot of bread last week: a Garlic & Olive Bread (since I'm the only one that likes olives we substituted with chopped capers), the best Blueberry Scone ever with Passionfruit Curd (out of this world yummy), a Wholewheat and Flaxseed Loaf (amazing for sandwiches), and a Yeast Coconut Bread (that I still haven't tried). I'm searching for a yummy bread recipe to try this week and also drooling over these dumplings HERE.


  1. Oh my goodness, that bread looks so scrumptious:) Yum! Have a great day. xo

  2. and i have you to thank diana! i found this bread recipe from a link on your blog ;) thank you!!


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