Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Best Sushi on St. Thomas

Watahoshi is my favorite restaurant on St Thomas to eat sushi! It might even be my favorite restaurant on St. Thomas to eat out at.

Watahoshi is located on the beach of Hull Bay and is literally a small shack with maybe 15 barstools, situated right in front of Hull Bay Hideaway. Seating is limited, you should always call ahead to make sure they’re serving and have availability to make a reservation. 
Watahoshi is own and operated by a Japanese and American couple. 

I think it is the most authentic sushi on St. Thomas; they don’t have anything deep-fried on the menu (smile.) The fish is always fresh, plentiful, and affordable. 
Did I mention that I’m a fan of Watahoshi? Please taste it for yourself and let me know what you think. 
340 344 5175


  1. No Phone number, No address, No Service Today! WE showed up to eat wonderful sushi, but went to Craig and Sally's. Oh well. We wanted sushi and asked the locals. I guess they open when they want to.


  2. Bummer!!!
    Did you try the phone # above, does that number not work anymore? If that # doesn't work I would call Hull Bay Hideaway, they're family of the Watahoshi owners 340 777 1898

    I've also showed up at Watahoshi when I thought they would be open and they weren't. I always call first, always. Craig and Sally's is also wonderful.

  3. Update: The Watahoshi Restaurant has closed folks ;(


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