Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Confession, I have arachnophobia!
Last week I started digging in the ground where I have my garden planted in pots, to try something new. Come to find out my garden is infested with tarantulas! Which explains all of those small holes in the ground. Doesn’t really make me feel like getting down on my knees and planting a seed in the ground, if you know what I mean. Of course I know nothing about a tarantula, and I’m thinking these hairy, crawly, monsters are going to fly up onto my face, and with one bite I will die in the backyard.

Since my phobia is getting in the way of my gardening I’ve decided to do a little research.

Come to find out I cannot die from a tarantula bite, if they did bite me it would be more like a bee sting. I also found out that tarantulas might be some of the biggest spiders in the world but they are the least aggressive and really aren’t that dangerous (just scary.) Tarantulas are also very fragile, so they aren’t likely to be jumping up at my face (sigh of relief.)

About.com has a pretty interesting list if you too need more tarantula information: 10 Cool Facts About Tarantulas.

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