Monday, May 2, 2011

It’s the first Monday of May and that means I’m in wedding photography mode. I spent the last 5 days getting my office in order and tying up loose ends; it took almost 2 days to find the bottom of my desk (no joke.) The good news is that I’m ready to work hard, make a lot of beautiful photos, meet a bunch of couples extremely in love, capture those once in a lifetime moments, and watch the sunset on the beach. I feel so lucky to be where I am in my life; it is really a beautiful place.

Here’s my Monday list – I hope it brings something new, different, or enchanting into your week:

Guest of the Diane Rehm Show made me wonder if this word is relevant today.

Jerry Saltz – The “coolest” man I ever met in Chelsea and he actually has a forum online at the NY Mag where you can ask him a question and he answers it
(about art of course – he’s an art critic.)

Jake Stangel – his photographs make me want to confirm my flight to California for the fall.

Have you seen the St Thomas Blog?

This week’s favorite blog – “Live & Enliven.”

Dried Peaches – I could eat these all day long.


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