Friday, February 4, 2011

Of course I like Valentines Day even if Hallmark has taken it over; I'm a romantic at heart, a believer in love, and I am in LOVE. I am also a typical girl that loves flowers and chocolates. I also just happen to be a wedding photographer. I spend my days working with people that are just overflowing with love, sharing one of the happiest day's of their lives with them, while they exchange wedding vows on the beach at sunset. It would be wrong for someone like me to not be a fan of Valentines Day.

Valentine's Day Cards Red Silhouette First Kiss (Set of 8)

Queen Of Hearts Tag Set- 6 Vintage Alice in Wonderland Tags/Favours

Vintage Queen of Hearts Tag Set.

Hand Cut Personalised 'sitting in a tree' Valentine's or Anniversary Card

Hand Cut Personalized 'sitting in a tree' Valentine's Card.

Cupid Heart Card

Make your own card, simple and sweet, cupid heart card.

Valentine's Day card - detail

This such a great card for the bearded man.

Funny Love Cards / Naughy Adult Sex Card for Man or Woman on Anniversary, Valentine, Birthday, Anytime / Long Term, Short Term (CLV-S001)

A little funny, a little naughty, for the adult relationship Valentines Day.

Above is some inspiration for your sweet Valentines Day card exchange, just click on the link bellow each image to find the source. 

Does anyone still make their own Valentines Day cards? 

Let's do a homemade card exchange:
1. Send me an email to let me know you're interested at, please include your mailing address.
2. I will send you my mailing address.
3. I will mail you a homemade Valentines Day card by February 9th (the mail is on island time.)
4. You will mail me a homemade Valentines Day card.
5. We will all feel the LOVE.

Deadline to enter is February 8th.


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