Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yesterday I visited Blackbeard's Castle located above Charlotte Amalie on St Thomas. Blackbeard's Castle is really a wonderful place to get a sense of what St Thomas residential neighborhood was like back in the colonial times. I didn't see a castle but rather a 'sky tower' that was built in 1679 to protect Fort Christian against invaders from the north by land and an outlook over the harbor for enemy ships from the south (this was a wonderful location to get a view of Charlotte Amalie's harbor.) The walking tour leads you through a bunch of furnished homes that where built in the early 1800's (wonderful) and along the way are many life-sized pirate statues, rum samples, an animated t-rex, 3 swimming pools, a hotel, an amber museum, and the walk ends at the famous 99 steps. Blackbeard's Castle wasn't what I expected but I would recommend checking it out all the same.


  1. These photos are fabulous! Our favorite part of the walking tour is the ancient artifacts in the Amber Museum!

  2. fabulous photos.


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