Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just checking in and giving you a little update: I've been busy with work and haven't had much time to do anything fun to share with you all on Sage Island this last week. The good news is that next week is looking much better and I'm hoping that the weather will be clearing-up. We've had a lot of rain, gray days, Sahara Dust, and ash from Montserrat this last week, which hasn't really been that inspiring for me to go out and make photographs around the USVI.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and to see you all back here on Monday ;)

PS Here are some lovely wedding photographs that I made this week on my wedding blog.


  1. missing the blog posts! wondering where you will take me next =)

  2. oh, thanks lori!
    i'm working on some new adventures for next week ;)


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