Thursday, March 1, 2012

Do you like spicy food? I like a bit of spice on some foods like my omelet. I've been growing this hot pepper plant on my deck and just picked my first ripe pepper this weekend. Eric made us an omelet with it and oh-my is it a HOT pepper!!! I can't seem to find what this pepper plant is called; do you know the name of the hot pepper plant in the above photos?

PS I'm also growing THESE in my garden.


  1. that's what i thought it was but a scotch bonnet enthusiast said it wasn't's almost as hot as a scotch bonnet!

  2. Is that aji? it looks like a Brazilian pepper. Oh no! I don't know. Tell us!

  3. Ana I really don't know what it's called. I got it as a little seedling and it didn't have a name...haven't been able to find it on google yet....i'll keep yo u all posted.

  4. Oh you have so many coming up! So cute and i love the colour.

  5. I dont know the name but I so love that you have it growing on your deck. How brilliant! Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie

  6. update: this has to be one of the hottest peppers i've ever had - spoke with the greenhouse i got it from and it's name is un-known but in the scotch bonnet family/caribbean. will let you all know if we make a sauce with it!


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