Friday, April 22, 2011

Every Day is Earth Day

We’ve been celebrating Earth Day since 1970; I can’t help but wonder if the conversation has changed. I’m sure that planting a tree today is nice for the environment, but what are you going to do tomorrow? How about making a few small simple lifestyle adjustments to live a greener lifestyle?
Here are 10 simple ways to live a greener lifestyle and be more conscious of the effects each individual has on the environment:

1.    Focus on reducing your energy and water consumption.
     Science Daily has an amazing list of 12 steps that are really easy to fallow, take a look HERE.
2.    Recycle.
3.    Start a compost to reduce the amount of trash your house produces.
4.    Don’t buy bottled water
5.    Buy locally grown foods.
6.    Buy organic foods and clothing.
7.    Help keep the air in your home clean by having houseplants; a houseplant naturally cleans the air.
8.    Bring your own reusable shopping bags to the market.
9.    Do NOT use the disposable plastic bags at the market. This is so simple!!!
10.  Carpooling and having your car in good working condition.

For more tips on living a green lifestyle check out this site, click HERE.

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