Monday, April 11, 2011

Francis Bay Walking Trail

I love walking; it helps clear my head and relaxes me. When I was young my mother and I would always go for a long walk and talk about life on the old railroad bed in front of our house. These days my walks have been along the Francis Bay Trail.

The Francis Bay Trail on St John is a fabulous little walk that only takes about 15 minutes and is less than half a mile. My favorite section of the walk is the boardwalk that starts at Francis Bay Beach Parking lot and is right in front of the salt pond. The National Park put the boardwalk in to make the slat pond wheel chair accessible. The salt pond is an amazing little spot for bird watching. The National Park is offering a guided tour  by a Park Ranger this Friday. The event is called “Discover Bird Watching” and will be looking at the different species of birds found in the dry tropical forest, salt pond, and along the ocean shoreline. Please call the National Park Office for details at 340 776 6201.

The Francis Bay Trail also has some great ruins that are easy to access, click HERE to see photos of the Francis Bay Ruins.


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