Monday, April 18, 2011

I’m starting something new this week on Sage Island + Magic Mondays!
Magic Mondays will consist of all those little things that make my week a little more wonderful, that inspire me, put a smile on my face, makes ya think, my latest obsessions, movie recommendation, the song that keeps playing in my head, and all the other stuff.
I hope you like it and it turns you on to something new.

♥ Have a great week  ♥

This weeks list of great stuff:

I met Jocelyn Lee when I was in collage and it is amazing to see what she's been photographing over the last 10 years. She now has a book.

There is nothing like being shaken a wake by an earthquake; the little ones are fun.

An amazing book by John Irving called A Prayer for Owen Meany. You will fall in love with this character. 

Movie: 127 Hours. For the adventurer, an amazing story, and well filmed. I did have to cover my eyes at one point!

Incase you need more click HERE.


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