Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last week I came across a perfume called Maine on Joanna Goddard’s blog and couldn’t help myself.
Have you ever heard of MCMC Fragrances? It’s a small perfume company based in Brooklyn New York that is dedicated to creating original, natural, modern, and aromatherapy perfumes. 

Originally I was going to order their Maine perfume so that I could smell like my home state, but then I saw that they offer a sample kit for $18. The MCMC Fragrances sample kit includes 6 different perfumes: Maine, Maui, Noble, Hunter, Kept, and Garden.
My order arrived in record time on St John and I’m absolutely a big fan of MCMC Fragrances’. Don’t you wish you could scratch and sniff these photos? 

MCMC is offering the perfect mothers day gift special: personalized perfume label with your mom’s name on it!

They have a great website, take a look HERE.


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