Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spanish Virgin Islands 
This is a wish that is in the works of coming true.
Eric and I are planning a weekend getaway to Vieques in June. Vieques is located east of Puerto Rico and one on the Spanish Virgin Islands.

Vieques is a small little island, about 134 square miles, so we thought it would be easy to pick a place to stay. Well, the more research we did, the more options we realized we had for accommodations on Vieques. There is one major and well-known hotel on the island, The W, a few smaller hotels, a good number of B and B’s, and an endless number of private homes (also known as villas) with prices ranging from $80 to $450 a night.

We spent three days researching, emailing, calling, before we picked the place that we wanted to stay for the weekend on Vieques. We narrowed it down to three options based on what we where looking for and availability.

The Three Top Options for our Vieques Accommodations:

The Hix Island House looks like it would be amazing and a lot of fun to stay at, not to mention I would make a ton of great photos here. They have great reviews and all my emails where answered in a timely manner. I think if we go back this would still be on our list of possible places to stay. The reason that we didn’t pick it is because they don’t have AC. I know that seems strange, since I’m use to the weather, but after a full day in the sun in the month of June AC sounds like a treat.

The Evamer Oceanfront Villas looks amazing, and has great reviews. The villa with the Jacuzzi wasn’t available; no one answered their phone, and the emails where really un-helpful. We didn’t book here just because we couldn’t get any assistance.

The Malecon House isn’t normally the kind of place that Eric and I would search out as a place to stay because it is located in town and has over 10 rooms. We where hoping for something a little more private, intimate, unique, and more “island style.” 

We picked the Malecon House for really simple reasons:
1.    The reviews on Trip Adviser where amazing.
2.    It is located in town; we thought this would be to our benefit because we’re only there for 4 days.
3.    The rooms look clean, have AC, you can walk to the beach, and the room of our choice was available for booking.
4.    Most importantly the people at Malecon where there to answer all my questions. Marsha (to be specific) answered all my emails, telephone calls, and even provided me with additional information. 

We’re really looking forward to our mini vacation on Vieques.


  1. I'm from Puerto Rico! Let me know if you have any questions about planning your vacation :)

    p.s. Check out my Travel Blog!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the offer ;) I do have a couple questions...

    Do you have any 'must see or do' while oh Vieques?
    What about your favorite place to stay in old san juan in puerto rico?

    love your blog!


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