Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I’m trying out something new on Sage Island, Wish I Was Wednesday, a little daydream to help you through the week. I think dreaming is healthy for the imagination and motivation. So, dream BIG, your dreams might just come true.

Most of my dreams have to do with traveling and “I wish I was here….”
Croatia is on my travel list.
The photographs I’ve seen of it are just breathtaking and it is apart of the Mediterranean (I secretly think I will live there one day.) Like St John, Croatia is famous for its many national parks (technically St John only has one) and it’s incredible coastline. If I wasn’t sailing along the cost of Croatia I think I’d be on a bike in the capital. Take a look at how amazing this tour would be on a bike in Zagreb, Croatia: Wish I Was Here! 

Photo by Elizabeth Bernier

Additional post about my other daydreams (yes, I do this a lot.)


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